Safe to travel in Nicaragua?

You want to visit Nicaragua right now because the surfing conditions are sick! You’ve jumped online, excited to research your surfing trip and *BAM*, you read about civil unrest in Nicaragua. Now you’re not sure if it is safe to come surfing in Nicaragua. You check your government’s travel advisories and they are telling you not to go. You’re receiving information about the unrest in the cities, but finding zero information about the beach towns. Can you get to the beach towns safely? Is Gigante going to be safe once you arrive? Should I go surfing in Nicaragua?

This article is not saying have no concerns about whether it is safe to go surfing in Nicaragua right now. You should have your concerns whenever travelling and should be doing the necessary research. Make the most informed decision for yourself and your potential travel companions. You’re already concerned, that is why you are coming across this article. You want to know if it’s safe. We cannot tell you everything about all areas of the Country, so please do continue to do your own research. What we can tell you is what our hands on experience is from one of those beach towns, Playa Gigante. released this article, WINDS OF CHANGE IN NICARAGUA, in May describing the political situation of the Country. There is an advisory on the entire country, but protesters are not focused on travelers, they are focused on their government. Road blocks are built in cities in an attempt to show the government the people have power. They want to put economic pressure on the country. Our drivers are always aware of any road blocks that are in place and are very knowledgeable of alternate routes. My partner and I have personally made recent trips between Managua airport and Gigante with no problems.

There are no signs of unrest in Gigante, only side effects from unrest in other areas of the country. As stated in the Surfline article, the coastal life continues. The side effect that the unrest is having on our town, is that there are very few tourists coming in. What we can tell you, is that the tourists who are coming in, are safe. They are having an amazing time and getting many waves almost entirely to themselves! The waves are incredible and there are no line ups!

We can tell you it is safe in Gigante, but you are going to, and should ask, is that true? Or are these business owners simply trying to make a profit? No matter how sincere we are, you don’t know us. But, by no means do we want anyone coming to our town if they are not going to be safe. We would not continue to keep our business open if any of our guests were not safe in Gigante. We want to keep our doors open, but this is largely because most of our staff are local Nicaraguans. This is their livelihood. This job is how they provide for their families. We can close down, wait out the unrest, but these families cannot wait it out for long.

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