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Get to know our passionate surf camp family.


WTF - What, The Foot?

Our vision is to offer a one-of-a-kind surf camp experience, giving our guest the best surf Nicaragua has to offer!

We like to run a surf camp that makes guests feel at home. Our clients always arrive as guest, and leave as friends. While feeling cozy and welcome, we also provide you with a high level of service. If you're here to take lessons, we're not here to get you standing up long enough for a photo, we're here to teach you to surf! Paddling, reading waves, positioning and standing techniques.

Boat tour guests who come to rip all the waves, all day, will be doing just that! We're here to take you to those waves when they're firing at their best! You'll be out for 3 sessions a day, every day.

For those who are here for some intermediate training, we're here to take your skills to the next level! With our coaching sessions and video sessions with analytical break down, you will leave our camp having progressed! That's a fact!

With the hard work of our team, our surf camp family, we continue to succeed in providing expert guidance with a personalized touch. We are your friendly hosts, knowledgeable surf buddies, and hard working staff, all rolled into one!


Meet the Happiest People Alive

Introducing Tara & Trevor, Giant's Foot Surf owners.


Meet the Happiest People Alive

Introducing Tara & Trevor, Giant's Foot Surf owners.


Trevor & Tara – Camp Managers

We are Trevor and Tara, and we are your surf camp managers! After spending 13 years in our jobs in Canada, we decided that a change was WAY past due! We visited a number of places, looking for the right spot for us.  We found our slice of paradise here in Playa Gigante, Nicaragua. Giant’s Foot Surf needed new owners, we needed a new adventure, and it was love at first sight! After our first visit, we returned to Canada knowing that we were going to make Playa Gigante our new home. What a huge change we were in for! We sold our property and belongings in Canada, packed a few bags and took that one way flight. This was our new adventure, our new goal. And a good goal should always scare you a little, and excite you a lot!!

Everyone will tell you that there is a special magic here in Playa Gigante, they're right! Check out our packages and come find out for yourself!


Armando - Boat Captain

Armando is our boat captain. He has been with us since 2014. Everyone loves Armando, and we guarantee you will too! His smile is unforgettable and contagious.

Armando loves the boat and loves to fish! Whenever you want to go out on the boat, be it surfing or fishing, we can guarantee he'll always be ready!


Our Guide Team

Spencer hitting Surf Camp Nicaragua

Born in Florida, I've been roaming for the perfect wave ever since I can remember. All I care to do is spend time in the water, sharing the joy I find through the ocean, with others. Finding those special places with your mates, getting the best barrels, there’s nothing better! 

Spencer Doerr – Surf Guide


I landed in Gigante a couple years back hailing from California. I didn’t know this idyllic sleepy fishing village would soon capture all my desires for a far-flung surf base camp. So, here I still sit, wrapped up in the beautiful waves and people...cuz what's better? Vamos!

Kyle “The Fish” Enloe – Surf Guide

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