Surf Jobs Nicaragua:  Head Surf Guide, Surf Guide, Photographer/Surf Guide and Social Media/Online Marketing positions are available beginning in March 2015!

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In addition to being able to perform the specific duties of the job, our ideal candidates will be able to live communally in a beautiful beach town that may not have all the comforts of home. We don’t have cable TV, (we do have internet though), the nearest “supermarket” is 45 minutes away, and things just take longer to get done around here–everyone runs on Nica time! Sometimes the power goes out, and we don’t have hot water here (it’s always just warm), not that you’ll miss it in the tropics! We do have a cell phone tower within eye shot, so keeping in touch with the people back home is easy.

A knowledge of Spanish and the ability to drive stick (bring your driver’s license!!) is a plus. We usually hire staff for skills beyond those in the job descriptions. Any of the following will give you a competitive edge. Mechanic (marine), photographer (Surf with water housing), marketing, web design (WordPress), SEO/Social Media consultant, ronin samurai, yoga instructor, plumber/electrician/handy-man/building contractor, trained chef.

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These are the volunteer positions for which we are accepting applications:


The GFS head surf guide position is a full season commitment from March 1 – Jan 3, 2015/2016.  This is the long haul – you will be responsible for managing 2 surf guides and communicating with our boat captain.  Since the local national staff and boat captain do not speak English, you will be required to be able to speak Spanish.

Everything on the water is your responsibility!  For example:  recommending surf breaks, boat security, boat safety, oil changes and basic boat maintenance.  Just like the surf guides you will be required to ensure that guests have a safe and fun time during their surf sessions.  During peak times, you may be required to assist the surf guides by leading surf sessions, teaching surf lessons, captaining the boat and leading fishing excursions.

You will be compensated with room and board, your share of tips and a monthly stipend.  Because this is the long haul, you will receive a private room on-site, separate from the volunteers.  Since you will be living on-site, you will be responsible for security and should be double checking the guests and volunteers have locked the board room and doors at night.

Note:  For couples applying, we are willing to combine this position with the Social Media and Online Marketing position for the full season.  In this scenario, couples will be sharing the private room provided to the Head Surf Guide.


The GFS surf guides are first and foremost responsible for making sure the guests have a safe and fun time during their surf sessions.

Additionally, our guides are responsible for preparing coffee and cold breakfasts for dawn patrols, taking the guests out on up to 3 surf sessions daily, boat maintenance and captaining, lifting a 70-pound anchor, and various other tasks around camp. As a surf guide, you may be asked to give surf lessons and lead fishing excursions on occasion.

You’ll also be required to entertain guests in the evenings and down time between surf sessions, and if the waves should die out, you may be required to take initiative and plan non surf-related activities. You may also be required to assist on supply runs or guest pick-up runs.

Generally speaking, when we have guests, a surf guide will get every third day off.


We are looking for someone to take some sick surf shots of our guests for social media and the website. The expectation is to take photos and footage of one session per day.  In return you will have the opportunity to sell photos to the guests staying at the camp and surfers up and down the coast everywhere we go.  You will need to bring your own camera gear. However, you will have access to the GFS GoPro.

Since the workload when we have guests is overwhelming for one surf guide, we have combined the photography position with the Surf Guide position.  In addition to your photography, we expect you to act as a part-time surf guide when needed.  See the above Surf Guide description for more information about your additional responsibilities.


We are, all kidding aside, the best surf camp in Nicaragua. We are painfully honest and run a surfing-centric ship that our competitors charge almost double our price for the same product. We are team on-it; we know exactly what conditions each waves in our area needs, and we get there at the right time. We don’t want anyone leaving without getting as much surfing as they can handle, and we end up friends with most of our guests by the end of the week. We need a person who can get that message across to potential guests and get butts in beds.

Ideally, for your position you should be bringing down your own laptop and smartphone (for posting to instagram).  We have a computer but it is in the office and will often be in use by the manager.  We would love it if you owned and had experience using video editing software or the Adobe Creative Suite.  It’s also a bonus if you have training or experience in Social Media, Online Marketing, WordPress, SEO or Web Design.


Room, board, and even share of tips.


Think GFS is for you?  Fill out this online application form!

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