Giant’s Foot Surf Tours Nicaragua was founded in 2004. First of all, the vision was to offer a one-of-a-kind surf camp experience to be found nowhere else in Nicaragua. We wanted a place that makes guests feel at home. Also, we wanted to feel like our guests are more like friends rather than clients. We wanted all of this while providing a high level of service. Due to the hard work of our team, this dream has become a reality. We are your friendly hosts, knowledgeable surf buddies, and hard working staff, all rolled into one! Read our individual bios below and then, most importantly, come catch some waves with us!


Giant’s Foot Surf Tours Team

Trevor and Tara – Camp Managers

We are Trevor and Tara, and we are your camp managers! After spending 13 years in our jobs in Canada, we decided that a change was WAY past due! We visited a number of places, looking for the right spot for us.  We found our slice of paradise here in Gigante, Nicaragua. Giant’s Foot Surf Tours needed new owners, we needed a new adventure, and it was love at first sight! After our first visit, we returned to Canada knowing that we were going to make Gigante our new home. What a huge change we were in for! We sold our property and belongings in Canada, packed a few bags and took that one way flight. This was our new adventure, our new goal. And a good goal should always scare you a little, and excite you a lot!!

Everyone will tell you that there is a special magic here in Gigante, check out our packages and come find out for yourself!

One Love

Florida born native, forever roaming for the perfect wave ever since I can remember. I’ve been fortunate enough to land myself a spot with Giants Foot Surf Tours. Growing up between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, I consider myself a truly seasoned water-man. All I care to do is spend time in the water, sharing the joy I find through the ocean, with others.

Finding those special places with your mates, getting the best barrels, while you hoot at each other from the channel, there’s nothing better! It gets your blood pumping. Share the stoke! Giant’s Foot has given me the chance to travel to some of the best locations for surfing around Nicaragua. I’ve met so many legends along the way, looking for that same sense of freedom and stoke by surfing these places. Come experience a true Nicaragua surf trip with us!!!

Spencer Doerr – Head Surf Guide

Kyle “The Fish” Enloe – Surf Guide


What’s up? I’m Kyle, and I landed in Gigante a couple years back in a van coming south from southern California where I hail from. While winding down the sloppy dirt road (pre-pavement),, I didn’t know this idyllic sleepy fishing village would soon capture all my desires for a far flung surf base camp. So, here I still sit, wrapped up in the beautiful waves and people that Giant’s Foot Surf affords me on a daily basis. So come on down, I’ll crack a Toña for you, and keep you on the search for waves and fish, cuz what’s better? Vamos!

Hi, I’m Diego. I’ve been roaming around Central America chasing swells for a couple of years . I came all the way from Chile (deep down south) exploring the coast and looking for warm waters; so if you wanna discuss surf spots in this continent, or work on your spanish, I’m down. Aside from surf, I’m a music lover, so please feel free to bring your instruments down here and we’ll rock in the evenings. I have a strict no reggaeton policy though.
You’ll also find me on the beach or hiding in the bushes shooting pictures.

Diego Ugalde – Surf Guide/Photographer

Wanna share the stoke with us? Check out our tour packages!

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