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The Giant’s Foot Surf Tours is an intimate Nicaragua surf camp on the beach in Gigante. There are a trickle of tourists, a few ex-pats, a few locals, and a lot of cows and pigs. Otherwise it’s just us and our guests hanging out.

Beachfront Accommodations Nicaragua | Giants Foot Surf Tours

Beach, Buddies, Bliss

Things to do at surf camp

We have a bar on site, as well as a ping pong/beer pong table and hammocks in which to relax and take in a gorgeous sunset after a hard day of surfing.

We have WI-FI and a library of movies, books, and board games available. People spend a lot of time on the beach and around the fire just hanging out.

beach bonfire

Beach bonfires are the perfect way to end a perfect day!

local food

Cold coconuts are often brought to the camp for the guests to enjoy!

Nicaragua Surf Camp | Giants Foot Surf Tours

The sunsets are always incredible! Hike to this peak to enjoy the view!

Nicaragua Surf Camp | Giants Foot Surf Tours

The Lodge

Your place in paradise

We house ourselves and our guests in an open, comfortable beachfront lodge. The Nicaragua surf camp has six bedrooms, a large living room, small public bathroom, and kitchen/bar area, with a large outdoor common area for hanging out.

Most rooms are double occupancy with two beds, and we also have a dorm-style room available for accommodating larger groups. Every room is equipped with air conditioning, a fan, and a private bathroom.

At normal full capacity, we can accommodate 10 surfers, but even more with special arrangement.



All Inclusive Meals & Drinks

It is a vacation after all

Three delicious, homemade meals are served hot daily, in addition to dawn patrol’s coffee and cereal. We try to combine local culinary traditions with more typical American cuisine.

All our fish is fresh-caught by fishermen. We also try to eat at local restaurants once or twice a week.

Fresh local fish


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