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Often we’re faced with the question…What makes GFS the best? Let us break it down for you!

Surf Like a Local with Access to the Best Nicaragua Surf Breaks

Our boat is a short paddle away from our beachfront surf camp and this gives Giants Foot Surf Tours access to over 14 of the best Southern Nicaragua surf breaks.  Our head surf guide, Conrad, has been a surf guide for seven years, three of those here with GFS.  He knows all local breaks better than anyone else in the area, and knows how to read swell and weather conditions to make sure you are in the right spot at the right time.

He is also a winter-hardened Manitoban fisherman, and will help you catch a fish or two on your way back to camp.

Location: Paradise

Our beautiful beachfront surf camp is designed to maximize your time outdoors.

All meals are served outdoors, under shade. We have a great palapa area with hammocks to rest in after a long surf session, and our ping pong/official regulation beer pong table doubles as a dining area.

We have tons of books that you can read in the hammocks during your down time, board games to play, and if for some reason you feel like spending a little time indoors, we have a large selection of surf DVDs and regular movies to watch.

Can You Say Tasty?

Our meals are all homemade and delicious.  No matter how consistent the surf is during our Surf Season in Nicaragua, we know that we can’t control nature. What we can control is quality of the food that awaits you when you get back from your sessions!

Simply Real

One of the best things about GFS is that what you see is what you get.  We don’t photoshop our photos or try to make our camp look better than it is.  Just watch our raw, uncut Camp Tour video which proves it!

Boat Transport

We’re right on the beach in beautiful Playa Gigante! Only a short paddle to the boat and you’re on your way to one of over 14 of the best Nicaragua surf breaks.  You won’t have to drive or walk to breaks, unless you choose to hit up one of our nearby local spots.

Playa Gigante is centrally located for easy access by boat to breaks as far south as Playa Yanqui and as far north as Playgrounds as well as all of the breaks in between!  Check out our break map above to see the complete list of Nicaragua surf breaks that Giants Foot Surf Tours will give you access to.


We have WiFi available if you want to check in at home, check on business, or check the score. Just bring your iPhone, iPad, laptop, or other handy dandy device and we’ll get you logged in.

We also have a VoIP phone you can use to check-in back home for free calls to the US and Canada.

All You Can Drink

All local beer and rum beverages are included in the price of your Surf Tour! As well as sodas! We don’t limit your beers to a certain number per day, in fact if you manage to drink our beer fridge dry, we’ll make a special trip into town to refill our stock.

Maximum Wave Time

Unlimited boat trips typically means three full boat sessions per day. Our staff will happily wake you up for dawn patrol with coffee and cereal ready.

We take you out for sunrise surf so you can maximize your day’s surfing potential while everyone else is still sleeping.

Bonus, we’ll have a hot breakfast waiting for you when you return.

Still don’t believe us?
Check out our outstanding reviews from previous visitors!!!

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